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That’s My Boy (1951) starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis


Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Collection, including That's My BoyIn That’s My Boy, Jerry Lewis plays the part of “Junior” Jackson, a non-athlete who lives in the shadow of his father’s college football days — and his father plans to relive his glory days through his son, Junior, whether Junior wants to or not.  Dean Martin plays the part of plays the part of Bill Baker, a natural athlete who would likely be All-American — if he could only afford to attend college.  Junior’s father decides to solve his problem by paying for Bill’s college, with the condition that Bill rooms with Junior, and tutors him on the field.  A complication arises when both of them begin to fall in love with the same girl …

It’s a film that’s both funny and heart-touching, both for those of us with sons and those of us with fathers — I recommend it.

movie poster - That's My Boy - 1951 - starring Dean Martin and Jerry LewisFunny movie quotes from That’s My Boy

Dr. Benjamin Green: The average normal child often resents his parents. Some children often wish they had different parents. Some children even hate their parents.
Jarring Jack Jackson: What about Junior? He hates me?
Dr. Benjamin Green: Hates you? The only advice I can give is never take your boy hunting.

Coach Wheeler: Must you wear glasses?
‘Junior’ Jackson (Jerry Lewis): No, sir. Only when I want to see.

 Trivia for That’s My Boy

  • Football great Frank Gifford doubled for Jerry Lewis in the kicking scenes.
  • The film’s premise spun off into a TV series of the same name in 1954 with Eddie Mayehoff recreating his role as father and Gil Stratton in the Junior role: That’s My Boy
  • In November 1951 Jimmy Durante sued Wallis-Hazen, Inc. for $350,000 in damages. He claimed that the expression “That’s my boy” had bee identified with him since 1943, when he was a regular on Garry Moore’s radio show.
  • In November 1965 Jerry Lewis was negotiating with producer Hal B. Wallis to remake the film with his son Gary Lewis as co-star, but the film was never made



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